Tipzyy is a mobile platform changing the game for the hospitality industry.

Using mobile technology, Tipzyy makes it easy for venue operators to educate servers & incentivize their performance after every shift. Restaurants benefit with increased sales and customer experience. Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination.


of customers don't know what they want prior to ordering


of the time staff are making recommendations


of staff recommendations result in conversions


of customers would pay more for a staff recommended product

( MSS Bartender Influencer Beer Report January 2015 & TNS 2014 )

Server Benefits

  • Sharpen food and beverage knowledge
  • Reward and recognition for performance
  • Opportunity to be discovered as a brand ambassador
  • Servers gain a performance record and history of accomplishments

Restaurant Benefits

  • Fun way to motivate and educate servers to improve sales and customer experience
  • Increase sales
  • Support learning in the most flexible manner with mobile device
  • Tipzyy handles the reward fulfillment
  • Every dollar invested in rewards will go to servers

Give staff ability to measure performance

  • Tipzyy is embraced by Millennials, which represents majority of today's staff
  • Unlike in the past where people received annual reviews, millennials want to know how they're doing much more frequently
  • Millennials want objective feedback soon after their shift that highlights positive contributions or improvements on key competencies

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